torsdag 6 september 2012

How I Used the Insanity Workout Plan

Get the Most Challenging Full-Body Workout
It's one of those things that you think will never happen to you.

What am I talking about?

My journey with the Insanity workout plan.

The question I get asked ALL the time is this...

"How did you do it? What did you do?
While it's a flattering question to get, the quick answer that I used an Insanity workout plan to get there is pretty boring to most.

But here's why I believe it works.

Why the Insanity Workout Plan Worked For Me

If you have never heard of the Insanity workout plan, I'll give you a quick breakdown.

It's essentially a full-body workout focusing on bodyweight exercises and high-interval sessions. I personally discovered it through a very detailed Insanity workout review where I decided that this plan would be a good fit for me and my lifestyle.

What I believe is the biggest reason as to why this worked for me is because of my busy schedule. I fly to LA and Washington regularly and it becomes hard to workout and hit the gym on a regular basis. The hotels I usually stay at don't have a gym so my only option is to do some cardio outside... Which I often did.

But it was never enough!

The Insanity workout plan comes packed with 10 DVDs full of excellent workouts that I can use in my hotel room. It's amazing to have access to high-quality workouts no matter where I am. This has truly been helpful.

Not only that but you'll also access a nutritional plan so I can get great results from the food I eat.

I'm not saying this workout is perfect for everyone, but it has truly changed things for me. If you are travelling a  lot and finding it difficult to have time to squeeze in quality training - get the Insanity workout plan.

It changed my life, It can change YOURS too.

Until next time. Adios!